Why Choose JEMM Design and Remodeling For Your Project?

When you start considering a home remodel, whether it be your first, or you’ve remodeled several it’s important for you to realize ONE thing.  You don’t really want a contractor, you want a bigger, more luxurious kitchen, or that spa-like bathroom with the tile shower and big soaker tub that you’ve always dreamed about.  Maybe you want to totally transform your basement into some useable liveable space.  The dream is yours, and you need to choose a contractor who understands this.

JEMM Design & Remodeling is about the end result and to us that means conducting ourselves as caring professionals throughout the beautiful new renovation to your home.

Here Are Some More Reasons To Consider JEMM Design & Remodeling

Design:  At JEMM we don’t just remodel your kitchen or your bathroom, we work with you to create the “vision” of what you want your new space to be.  You will work hand-in-hand with our interior designer to come up with project ideas that will work within the budget you’ve set.  Because we are designing your project, we can ensure speedier project completion and minimize miscommunication.

Guaranteed Start Date:  At JEMM we know your time is valuable, and we realize the inconveniences that can be caused on a family when going through a home remodel.  We give you a very clear start date when we will be able to begin your project and you will have 24/7 on-line access to your project until completion.

Guaranteed Completion Date:  Nothing is worse then the remodel that drags on and on and on forever and a day.  JEMM will never leave you hanging as we come up with a very clear completion date for your project.  You’ll see our sample project timeline at the bottom of this page.

Two Year Warranty:  We stand behind our projects 100% and offer all homeowners a 2 year warranty on our workmanship.  If a problem should arise, you can count on us to deliver on our promise swiftly.

Daily Site Cleanup:  Remodeling is an inconvenience made even worse by the contractor who leaves a messy jobsite.  JEMM cleans the jobsite every single day so as to not leave an unsightly mess, or unsafe living conditions for your family.  We also use air scrubbing machines to help eliminate dust outside of the work area.

Project Schedule: We provide homeowners with a detailed project schedule that outlines the various aspects of the project and the dates they will be completed.  See the examples below.

See Our Sample Project Time Line
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